Our Mission is Clear

With over 20 years of combined experience in the aerospace industry within our staff, Aviation International Solutions has earned its place in the international trade of military and commercial aerospace related products and services as a reference of TRUST and RELIABILITY.

We are constantly investing in training and qualifying our personnel on the latest trends, legal and technical requirements and specific needs of our industry and our clients, as well as keeping ourselves up to date with the latest technologies, software and hardware available in order to optimize our service’s results.

We work closely with several manufacturers who have years of experience serving the military airpower of all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces and other countries. We provide comprehensive spare parts management services.

Aviation International


Our capability includes Electronics Accessories and Instruments for most Commercial Aircraft. We Specialize in Anti-Skid Control, Generator Control Units, Power Relay, Bus Protection Panels, Battery Chargers, Temperature Controllers, Mode Control Panels, Static Inverters, Electronic Clock, Landing Gear Accessory Units, Auto Pilot Accessory Units, Flap Slat Accessory Units, RDMI, and Flight Mode Annunciator Panels. In addition, we also service simpler units like Aircraft Navigational Lights, Control Panels and Transducers.

We are highly focused in what we do and it shows in our quality and quick turnaround time. Our goal is to provide you our customer superior customer service catering to your changing needs. We offer 24/7 AOG service. Our highly trained staff is available for on-site aircraft systems troubleshooting assistance. We would appreciate the opportunity to quote you for repair/overhaul with our competitive prices and short turn time. Please contact me or our customer service department, if you have questions or need assistance.